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Sensual Domination. Some might be confused by those two terms when they are put together. For them, all they know about Domination is what they see in porn. Most are not very sensual and often involve pain play, both physical and mental. Perhaps you know there is such a thing as Sensual Domination, and you ache for that sensual touch. Or perhaps you are here because you hope there is such a thing.

You are in luck, you have arrived at the perfect place. On this profile, at this moment of your life and getting to know me. Getting to know your future, with me. You ache to experience a sensual controlling touch. My Touch.

Come, Join Me

in the blurred lines between fantasy and reality. With a seductive voice and equally sensual touch, you can't help but submit. You will melt under my soft fingertips, and yearn to obey.

For those curious about submitting your body and mind to a sexy Woman, I am thrilled to welcome you into my space and show you the way.

If you have had a taste of submitting, but are curious how far your submission will take you, I can't wait to meet you. To continue along your submissive path, with me.

Sensual Tease

If you are still reading, then imagine me smiling. It tells me something. What? Well, it tells me you are probably already having fantasies about me. Keep dreaming about how it might be when in the care of my capable hands.You were seeking something, you have now found it.

Submissive Journey

Where will our journey take us? The possibilities are endless. I often write about what interests me, and how pets can please me. Therefore, before you do one more thing click the link above for my audio tease, then on my blog link to get more of a taste of all the ways we can play, with a sensual touch. You won't regret it.

What You Do Now

Bring your willing spirit and an open mind. I'll show you what sensual delights and experiences you can have with me. I'm just a few taps away.

Sensual Domination Mistress Erika




Sensual Domination Phone Sex (800) 601-6975



What Is Sensual Domination?

by Ms. Delia of


You may have a pre-conceived notion of what BDSM, or D/s is all about. No doubt that idea of what a “true” Femdom scene is all about has been colored by things you have read or porn you have watched. Perhaps your only exposure to Female Domination has been the whip wielding, leather wearing, stiletto boot stomping Domina. She yells and calls you pathetic and worthless, and any small misstep you make brings instant punishment. She never smiles, and might even approach the whole scene in a very clinical, distant sort of way.

That’s what I call Hard Core Domination, and for some submissives, this is their idea of nirvana. For a lot of others though, it just turns them off to the whole scene.

There is another way!


Sensual Domination and BDSM


In fact, there are lots of other ways to practice BDSM. Despite what you read, despite what some Domme or submissive may have told you on some internet message board somewhere, there is not one “true” way to be a submissive or even a Dominant for that matter. Some Mistresses like to play a much more sensual kind of game. Now, Ms. Delia can go either way – Hard Core or sensual – but let’s talk about sensual domination.

Being a Sensual Domme is fun! There’s nothing wrong with either of us laughing during a scene. I could be laughing at your pathetically small penis, the panties you are wearing or just how crazy and desperate my teasing and denial of your throbbing hard cock is making you. When I call you a slut, a whore or my bitch, it’s a term of endearment, one which you are proud and happy to take. Sensual domination can be a very relaxed tease and denial session, a dress-up scene for one of my sissy sluts, or a verbal humiliation scene. In these scenes you feel more relaxed and sexual.


CFNM and Sensual Domination


CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male – are excellent sensual domination scenes. Having a naked sub before me, exposed and vulnerable, where I can see every effect of just what I’m doing to him is very powerful. Add to that the humiliation of his being naked, while I am still dressed, and thinking about the thoughts running through his head as he can only imagine what I look like under all those clothes makes my panties damp.


Impact Play, Nipple Play, and CBT


Pain play is usually in the realm of Hard Core Domination, but impact play, nipple play or CBT can be part of a sensual play session. Over-the-knee spankings CAN be very sensual, and if you like to have your ass warmed and reddened, that can be part of our scene. Imagine me taking you over my knee, administering a slow spanking, all while I speak softly to you and tell you how proud I am of you. Or pinching and rubbing your nipples while I slowly stroke your cock and bring you to edge after edge.

Just remember, BDSM can be anything you want it to be! So, if you want your domination sensual, give a Mistress who specializes in sensual domination a call



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