Can Domination Be Sensual?

by Ms. Delia of


Does domination have to be strict or is there such a thing as sensual domination?

When people hear the term BDSM, there are a lot of preconceptions and stereotypes that go with that. Leather clad, whip-wielding Dommes with a severe scowl on their faces yelling and screaming about how worthless you are and you could never satisfy a woman.

Now, I can be as hard-core as the next Domme although I never yell at my pets but I can also be sensual. Why use the iron fist, when you can use a velvet glove? I m still in control, and I ll still get you to do exactly what I want you to do! There are all kinds of fetishes and activities that can make domination sensual, and not severe.


How to Make Domination Sensual



With the exception of sissies because what fun is a naked sissy? I like to have all of my submissives naked when they are in my presence. There is something so powerful about watching you leap to obey my spoken command, Strip! . Having you naked before me leaves you exposed and vulnerable. There s really nowhere and nothing you can hide. You can t tell me something isn t turning you on, when your body okay, one specific part of your body is so clearly telling me it is. And isn t having you naked just another form of bondage? I ve got your clothes it s not like you can really run very far, now is it?

• Guided Masturbation

If you re thinking sensual domination, this is probably the first place your kinky, dirty mind goes, giving up control of your pathetic, over-used cock to a Masturbatrix or Cocktease. Following her every direction and stroking just the way she wants you to stroke and jerking off under her watchful gaze, then stopping right on the edge is what she wants.

If you beg enough, will she finally give you that one word command you re dying to hear… Cum. ? Or, just as that orgasm is cresting, will she be sensually cruel and say Hands off! as your ruined orgasm dribbles and drips out of your denied dick?

• Bisexual Domination

Some men have a deep desire to suck cock some want to be pegged and the truly lucky ones want both! Now coerced cocksucking and strap-on play can certainly fall into the realm of hard-core, strict domination, but it can also be quite sensual. I, for one, love watching two truly bisexual slaves pleasure each other with their mouths.

And I love turning anal virgins into true butt sluts by slowly opening up their asses to all the pleasures of anal play. Lots of slow prostate massage before slowly filling your bottom with my strap-on can be very sensual!

• Cross Dressing

There s something about a sissies that just lends herself to sensual domination. Yes, every once in a while I have to punish a sissy with a bare handed OTK spanking, but most of the time it s about dressing them up, getting those stocking seems just so, and applying make-up. It s certainly the softer side of dominance.

These are just a few ways we can make domination sensual, but there are so many more! So, give one of the wonderful LDW Mistresses a call, and tell them your sensual domination fantasy.