Dominant Men Come To Me To Be Submissive

by Ms. Ryan of


Many dominant men come to be to be submissive. In the public BDSM scene, it’s not unusual for men who are actually switches to only identify as dominant. Sometimes even men who are completely submissive will do this, presumably because they believe their chances of finding a partner (or partners) will be better.

But it’s a well-known amongst Femdoms that many of these men–particularly the ones who publicly identify as the Domliest Doms who ever Dommed–come to us in secret to get their *other* needs fulfilled.

Some ladies don’t want to play with these men. These Femdom Mistressess don’t like the fact that these men simply can’t be honest about their desires. Other dominant women relish in taking control of men who pretend to be 100% dominant all the time. They love seeing these men at play parties and other kink functions and knowing that they know these guys’ secrets, know that they aren’t what they claim to be.

I’ll let you guess which category I fall into.


The Secret Sub


Yes, you’re absolutely right. I do love it when men who otherwise claim to be very dominant come to me in secret and ask if I will help them indulge their submissive desires. I even promise to keep their little secrets. If it became known that I betrayed the trust of men who came to me with these desires, it wouldn’t take long for them to stop coming, after all, and I fully intend to have so-called “dominant” men submitting to me long after I’m old and grey.

Of course, the price for me keeping it between us is a little extra humiliation. If their secret became known, they’d be humiliated, sure, and that would be amusing for a little while. But eventually, after the secret became old news, it would lose its edge. But when they’re with me and their secret remains between us, I can humiliate them about it over and over and over, and it never loses its humiliation (for him) and amusement (for me) values.

I don’t tell you this so that you will think I’m some kind of uber-Domme who can make even dominant men kneel to me. The “making dominant men kneel” part is very nice, naturally, but I don’t need to brag to make up for insecurities…like the aforementioned “Doms” often do. No, I tell you this just in case you happen to be one of those men.


Submissive Curiousity


Have you ever had a woman (or another man) submit to you and experience a brief flash of curiosity? Not curiosity about what the other person is thinking, but curiosity about what it might be like to change places with them for a little while.

Do you sometimes do things that others might consider submissive–or at the very least, masochistic–when you masturbate, like spank yourself, or torture your cock and balls, or fuck yourself with a dildo, or edge yourself repeatedly, or any number of other things? Have you ever wondered what your own cum would taste like…or do you already know?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then maybe it’s time for a change. You don’t have to completely throw away your dominant identity if you don’t want to, but it might be nice for you to experience the other side for a while, kneeling at the feet of a Mistress who knows how to take control of a man like yourself. I won’t tell anyone, after all….


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