Gentle Objectification and the Service Submissive

by Ms. Ryan of


Let’s take a look at gentle objectification and the service submissive. People often think of objectification as something that is inherently degrading, and therefore, they tend to associate it with the “hardcore” forms of Female Domination. This is not necessarily true, however. Objectification can certainly be a form of hardcore humiliation, but it can also be a very sensual form of humiliation, depending on how the Mistress and her sub choose to use it. In fact, it can be quite sweet and gentle if the participants so choose.

Another common misconception of objectification is that it is always associated with ignoring one’s sub. This could not be more wrong. One can certainly ignore one’s sub (in the sense of not speaking to him) when using him as an object, but one doesn’t have to do so. I have actually found that the feelings of humiliation that objectification brings about can be intensified by not ignoring the sub. Acknowledging his presence and still continuing to use him as an object can be awfully powerful.


Service Submissives and Non-Degrading Objectification


In my opinion, this type of objectification–the kind that does not involve ignoring one’s sub–is actually a form of service submission. Service submissives are sometimes (unfairly) stereotypes as mere maids, but there is much more to being a service sub than domestic tasks. For example, if a Mistress needs a footstool and doesn’t have one at her immediate disposal, then it only makes sense for a sub who is committed to serving her to offer himself in place of the absent piece of furniture.

A sub using his body in this manner is not at all degrading for him. It might be a little embarrassing, sure, but not degrading. He understands that he’s simply filling a need for his Mistress, and she will definitely welcome his assistance in this manner.

The same applies to other forms of objectification besides acting as a piece of furniture as well (although that one is a very popular type and one of my own personal favourites as well). Let’s suppose that a Mistress is in need of something upon which to wipe her feet, and she doesn’t have anything readily available. A service submissive will not think twice about voluntarily subjecting himself to some objectification by offering his body as her own personal Welcome mat. It will be a little humiliating for him to allow himself to be used in this way, but it won’t be at all degrading because he knows that she appreciates his service.


Sensual Objectification and the Service Submissive


It is the acknowledgement of the sub’s humanity and the Mistress’s appreciation, I believe, that makes a difference. If she were to ignore him and simply take his service as her due, then that would be a form of objectification that would be degrading for a sub. But if she does something so simple as just flash him a smile (even a devilish one) while she wipes her dirty feet across his chest, that makes all the difference.

So, yes, I believe that objectification and service submission go hand-in-hand and that these things can absolutely be a form of sensual humiliation, rather than degradation, in the hands of a knowledgeable Femdom Mistress. What do you think?