Sensual Domination is Subtle Enslavement


I believe that sensual domination is a form of subtle enslavement. Is sensual domination synonymous with easy? Is a man who favors sensual domination over strict domination copping out?

In my experience, not only is sensual domination not a cop out, but a sensual mistress submissives are often more devoted than any cowed and totally dominated slave. If you love sensual domination, then you know that a woman who arouses you, intrigues you, and tantalizes you quickly gets under your skin. You find yourself thinking of her all during the day, fantasizing about her touch, her voice, her laugh.


Enslavement and The Hard Cock Phenomenon


Every man has experienced the hard cock phenomenon. You know what that is, right? Your little head begins demanding all the attention, robbing your big head of resources? All of your focus shifts to your crotch, and suddenly you find yourself doing things you never imagined doing.

Why would an otherwise intelligent and self-controlled man find himself seduced into acts that are a bit edgy–perhaps even a little humiliating? Because a sensual mistress has taken control of his cock when he wasn t looking and now she uses it as her joystick to control and manipulate her victim! Her latest quarry doesn t even want to escape, because he discovers he can t bear the thoughts of denying himself his mistress (even though his mistress might be denying him his orgasm!).


Orgasm Denial is the Quickest Route to Cock Control


Speaking of orgasm denial, I find that denial is the quickest and most subtle way to gain control of a man. A man who wants to serve wants to please his mistress, and what better way to please a mistress than sacrifice what s precious to him? Is there anything more precious to a man than his cock and orgasm? Of course not.

When I sensually dominate a man, I always ask him to prove his devotion to me by placing his orgasm on the sacrificial altar–at least for a little while. Almost invariably, he will agree. A few days become a week, a week becomes two, and then .

Well. I often tell a man that the time will come when he will beg me to keep him denied. The attachment and connection to his mistress will be more precious to him than a few seconds of bliss. See, orgasm denial forges a strong bond between Mistress and her servant and what is more intoxicating than being possessed by a strong and beautiful woman?


What Will Sensual Domination do to You?


So what will happen to you when you are sensually enslaved? Will you find yourself putting on panties underneath your boxer shorts because the tightness reminds you of your Mistress hand cradling your cock and balls? Does the distracting string on a thong invade your thoughts and make you feel submissive and controlled? Will you find yourself stroking your cock, but always stopping short before that last moment of bliss because you know this pleases Mistress? Will you do even more exciting and scary things because it pleases the seductive siren in possession of your cock?

Yes, yes you will. You will do all of this and more. You will lay in bed and ask yourself, How did I end up here? How did this sweet, kind, gentle, beautiful woman convince me to become her slave?

The answer to that question will escape you, but your sensual domination mistress will know exactly what it was she did to capture and enchant you.