Sensual-Domination Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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Sensual domination is, for me, so incredibly sexy and such a complete way to take over, that it seems almost more controlling than any other form of domination.

You become mine completely. Not because I have ordered you to do what I say, or because I have a whip or other ways to coerce you into kneeling before me, but because you want to.

You want to please me, to be close to me, to give yourself up to me mind and body and yes, even your heart and soul. Watching me move, my body strong and sexy, hips curved just enough to tempt you.

That's right, let yourself be lured in, closer to me. You give yourself to me, knowing you are giving up your control, but unable to stop yourself. The lingerie covering my body only makes you wish you could see more, touch the lace, do anything just to be closer to me, to please me. Even when I have you tied up and you see from the toys in my little pink bag that you are about to do things you've only dreamed of, you don't struggle to get away. That is the art and beauty of sensual domination, like the proverbial frog, who never tries to get out of the boiling pot of water because it didn't start out seeming dangerous, you stay, aching and needing, knowing but unwilling to even try to leave your Sensual Mistress. Instead you step closer and give away any control you had left.



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