Sensual-Domination Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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Let's face it sweetheart. My thigh highs make you want to go out and buy a Porsche. They make you want to crawl on the floor to Me naked. Seeing My beautiful ass makes you want to scrub yourself clean and appear before Me with a long stemmed rose in your mouth. You ache to be More in My presence. You yearn to please Me in such unconventional ways.

You know on some level that this is how I Dominate you. I use you in such ways sensually, and softly and you Love every single second of it. You love that you have Me as a trophy and are willing to do such odd things on My behalf. Is there anything you wouldn't do for Me? Your body quivers whenever you ask yourself this question. You ache to obey My every want and need. You want to make Me feel good on every level. You want me to have everything I desire. You ache to lick every part of My body. You answer Me unquestioned by reason when I bark a command to you.

It is the insatiable lust for My body and My mind that drives you. Sometimes it drives you over the edge, yet you always seem to come back for more. What is ironic is that as much as I use you, I too want more. I want your obedience. I want your servitude and your undying devotion to Me. So I guess we can say ,sweetheart, that it is mutual. I love to use you and dominate you, while you long to be dominated by My purely sensual hand. You feel it whenever your hear My voice and every part of you aches to hear two phrases uttered by My lips:

I Love you...(place your name here)
and: Good Boy. You're a very good boy and you make Me very, very Happy!



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