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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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Well I do have the word 'Mistress' before my name and I'm dominant, but I'm also a seductress ... a temptress and I'm very sensual and passionate. I guess you would call me a sensual domme. My voice is tender and sexy, yet commanding. My words are gentle yet alluringly demanding and when you mix the two together you get both sides of me. Just exactly how far I go into dominating you depends on you. My pleasure is controling you with my mind, voice and words; letting you think that what ever I have you do is all your idea. If I have to convince you by raising my voice or being mean and sadistic, it doesnt please me. That is a side of me that rarely comes out.

What captures my soul is having a very strong, "in control" type of man broken oh his knees before me. Tears in his eyes, weeping and looking up at me without saying a word. The unspoken words paint the picture of the scene that I was creating using that "slow burn" to make him weak for me. However while you are broken, on the floor I may just have to show you my strong side and give you a gentle spanking on your very sensitive balls and very erect cock. I'm not into brutality or hurting anyone physically but a little pain to show your devotion to me is a turn on. So what is it that keeps you coming back to me?

The need to feel helpless and out of control. For a strong, intelligent man that is always in control of his life and others, it is a need to relinquish his power and submit to a woman who can break him and crumble him to the point of submitting to her every want and desire, the need to be weak and not in control of the situation and what is going on around him, the need to to feel powerless and submissive. But not long after he has been broken he gains his composure and continues on with his life of being the decision maker, the strong man that everyone looks up to and admires. But when he feels the need to be controlled by a sexy, sensual dominant women he will be back for more and I will be ready to softly crumble his rough exterior and delve even further in to his weakness which is me.



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