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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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I've always been someone who can easily take control of any situation. The bedroom is no different, I feel it is my domain. I am highly skilled as a Lifestyle Dominatrix, and I have to admit I have an erotic, sensual, seductive way of domination, where I take charge in a complex, gentle yet firm manner, with intelligence and perception, of your MIND as well as your body. I will make you mine, forever.

I feel that this is the true and deep level of control and enchantment, where you, my lover, will be skillfully led into a pleasure palace of my own making. You will worship at my feet, you will give me all the pleasure and satisfaction I need and crave, and thus will be very highly rewarded.

My attention is sublime, my skills are astounding, my mind will blow yours away, and my body is a temple which you will faithfully worship.

As our relationship progresses we will delve deeper into our wants and needs, whilst I make sure to remain your Goddess and your Guide to untold pleasures and enjoyment and self discovery.

From my erotic way of teaching you how to bring yourself to a blissful climax, teaching you the art of edging, tease and denial, to seductively showing you how to properly address all the needs of your lover, I will make you a better, more skilled sexual partner than you've ever thought possible.

My sensual, erotic and skilled way of Domination runs full spectrum, so if you need to be sensually humiliated, taunted, firmly scolded in a way a teacher or a maternal figure might do, then I am the Dominatrix for you.

I adore seducing, tempting and guiding men into being my play things. I specialize in sensually instructing cuckolds, cross dressers and sissy sluts to become their best selves.

I am Alina Sky, Dominatrix, Seductress, Temptress and the Goddess of your Dreams.

Welcome, To the Alina Sky Experience.



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