Teasing Is The Most Sensual Act

by Ms. Sophia of www.sensual-domination.com


Teasing and sensual domination is, as the name suggests, all about sensuality. It’s something that stimulates all the senses and leaves the body aching for more. It’s something you just can’t get enough of!

So it should come as no surprise to you, then, that I think cock teasing is the ultimate form of domination.

The great thing about teasing is not just the feeling of power it gives me or the sense of helplessness that it gives you. (Though those ARE great, I’ll grant you.) It’s also the way that teasing sets all your nerves alight, makes your body so sensitive that it feels everything so much more strongly than usual.

Seriously…imagine it. You’re lying back on your nice, comfortable bed, and I’m sitting beside you working my teasing magic. Maybe you’re tied up loosely and blindfolded, or maybe you’re just lying there at my mercy without any of the bondage. Just choose whichever one you prefer.


Sensual Domination Means Dominating All Your Senses


Every inch of you is on fire from the sound of my voice…the smell of my perfume…the fleeting tastes you’ve gotten of my skin…and most importantly, from the feel of my skin against yours.

Oh, yes, playing with all those senses is definitely sensual domination! But that’s only the beginning, you see. I’ve got so much more in mind for you.

And it gets even better. Every time I edge you, every time I bring you right to the brink and stop, your body gets a little more sensitive to everything around it. Your poor balls fill with just a little more cum that’s been exit from your cock. Every frustrated part of you aches just a little bit more…which means that it makes teasing you even easier.

And so the cycle perpetuates itself. The more I tease you, the more overstimulated you become and the more you need it. And the more sensitive and needy you are, the more I want to tease you.


Teasing- Oh, the sweet frustration!


But don’t worry: Every cycle has to end somewhere, and so does this one. You know, eventually. Whenever I’m ready for it to. We’ll get there; it just might take a long, long, glorious while.

Then, after all that build-up, all that slow climb to the top, all the setting your entire body on fire for me in anticipation of what comes next, I’ll finally–finally!–let you cum. And when that happens, it’ll be so good, so explosive, so utterly amazing that your toes will curl, and you’ll see stars behind your tightly-closed eyes.

You’ll make such a mess, too. With all that pressure built up inside you, once I’ve finally let it out, you’ll cum more than you ever have before in your life.

And then, as you slowly start to come down from your mind-blowing orgasm, as your oversensitive body twitches with aftershocks and you give me a weak, blissful, fucked-out smile…do you know what happens next?

Well, I start all over and do it all again, obviously! Give one of our Sensual Teasing Mistressestoday!