The Delight of Sensual Domination

by Ms. Jenna of


There is something quite exciting about sensual domination. What is it about a self actualized woman that knows how to enforce her will on a man that is so irresistible? Simply put it s because she knows who she is and what she wants. She s not afraid to use her sexuality to reduce you to heap of helpless submission. I know what some of you may be thinking .that it just isn t fair. Well fairness is an illusion My dear and it s that unfairness that is part of what turns you un. Sensual domination is an ultra-feminine way a woman unabashedly exercises her ability to turn on the charm and control you sexually.

I m sure you ve experienced being effortlessly wrapped around a woman s finger. She had you and you knew it. You were played like a fiddle and didn t mind if a few strings being broke in the process as long as her pretty little fingers were on you somehow. What is so wonderful about sensual domination is that it seems so innocent. The flirtation and subtlety seem innocuous enough however you begin to realize rather quickly that you re falling into an alluring web you don t want to break free from.


Her Sensual Domination Melts You


You get to a point where she just looks at you and smiles and you feel your whole body get warm with desire. Her beauty, charm and wit have reached inside your mind and rendered you weak and powerless. Before you know it you are hanging on her every word. You can t wait to see and interact with her again because you love the power she has over you. Sensual domination in its beautifully feminine way melts all those defenses and renders you vulnerable.

Soon you find yourself more focused on her. You want to please her and make her happy. It s almost as if you ve discovered this new selfless aspect of who you are that looks forward to her demands. You will do anything to feel the soft silken touch of her hand and the warm comfort of her approval. She s seamlessly created all these changes in you through her sensual domination. Now it s something you crave.


You Crave Her Domination


I know you probably thought you had it all under control didn t you? You poor thing you had no idea what exactly you were in for, did you? Now you re lying awake at night holding your pillow and yearning for your Mistress s sensual domination. You ache for the way her fingers tease and touch you. You pine to be able to do even the slightest chore for her that would make her smile. Just think how far she s taken you. Sensual domination has the ability to subtly shape a man however a woman sees fit.

The beauty of it is in its simplicity. The simplicity is in a woman just being a woman and exercising her innate power over a man. What man reading this hasn t gone out of his way for a beautiful woman to please her just because she asked him to? She didn t have to say a word and as you drank her in as she walked by you could feel her power. This in My opinion is the essence of sensual domination.

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