What You’ll Get With a Sensual Mistress


Let’s talk about what you’ll get when you give a Sensual Mistress a call.  You desire to give up all control; to be dominated by a woman who knows how to take you to submissive places you have been dreaming of. Perhaps you have looked into it, but shied away because of stereotypical scenes of scary women clad in black leather, screaming at a cowering man, and slapping him around a bit.

Understand that what you have seen in videos is but one type of Mistress. There are many styles of Mistresses and one of them is Sensual. Before you even go there; be reassured that you give up none of the thrill by choosing the sensuous route.

A Mistress can control you with fear and intimidation. But real power comes from developing a sense of adoration for her. That is difficult to do when you are being yelled at, or kicked around. Imagine instead, a sweet voiced Mistress wrapping you around her strong finger with caring, eroticism, and a light touch.


Developing A True Desire to Please Your Mistress


That is the type of treatment that leads to you feeling adoration for your Mistress; a true desire to please her; to earn her attention and concern. When that happens, you feel the depth of the Mistress-submissive connection. This is something that transcends other relationships. It takes you to places you could not possibly conceive of until you experience it.

The most amazing part of having a sensual Mistress is that you can still have all of the thrilling fetish play you crave. You can have cock and ball torture, spankings, face slapping, flogging, whipping, and canings. The difference is that your Mistress will be more concerned with your welfare. She will check your flesh occasionally to ensure you are not letting her go further than is safe for you.

Should you require extra vigilance with discretion, a sensual Mistress is the way to go. Tell her that you cannot have marks on your body. She will make sure that does not happen. Because she will care about you, as you care about her. She wants the best for you, and that includes keeping your primary relationship intact.


A Sensual Domination Mistress Can Also Be Strict


Even if you usually prefer a strict Mistress, know that a sensual Mistress can also be strict. Rules, clearly stated expectations, and punishments are part of belonging to a sensual Mistress as well. If the thought of her being strict puts fear in your heart, let her know up front. She will tone things down to your comfort level.

Getting back to that image of a woman clad in black leather from head to toe; if that excites you, your sensual Mistress can dress like that. The truth is that she wants you to be pleased with your session. Just tell her what you need.

Put a whip in her hand and know that she is not going to go overboard. She will use your instrument of choice in a manner that gets your heart racing, and yet leaves you feeling very safe in her hands.

Call one of our Sensual Domination Mistresses and give a sensual domination session a try. The difference will be nothing short of a revelation.


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