Why I Like to Sensually Dominate You

by Ms. Cindy of www.sensual-domination.com


I like to Sensually Dominate you because I enjoy having the upper hand as you are in your submissive state. I know it excites you. Especially knowing you have found your Mistress that will explore all of your submissive sensual nature. You will reveal to me all of your sexual pleasures. And you will enjoy my sexual power over your body.

So if you’re saddled with a lot of responsibility in your day-to day life, leave your identity behind and enjoy the escapism of letting your Mistress take control of all your sensual pleasures.

Having the feeling of having your Mistress take control of your orgasm will give you complete sexual gratification. While Dominating you I will have you play with your dick exclusively. But do not expect and I repeat do not get carried away with cumming because I will put in place penalties in the event of you cumming without my permission.


You are in My Seductive Control as I Sensually Dominate You


You will really like me to sensually dominate you. Especially, knowing I am in control of you, and you surrender to my sexual power and seductive control to do as I wish. It’s so damn hot. You want me to want you, to claim you as mine and to be the decision maker…

And now that I will soon have you in my seductive control to do as I wish I’m sure that you are growing hard in anticipation for what I have in store for you. And you know whatever I have for you, it will excite you beyond words. You want to see my pussy under my skirt, to see my swollen lips and all the moisture that formed around them? Do you want to taste it? Wet your lips for me.

Be a good boy and drop to your knees now crawl towards me, stick your tongue into my sweet nectar. I want my sweet smell to intoxicate you and make you moan. You want to fuck me don’t you? Enough!


Get Naked and Stroke for Me


I want you to remove your clothes, you look better standing naked with your cock hard as a rock, and your balls filled ready and wanting to be released. Are you ready to stroke your cock for me? You should be after getting a little tease of my desirous pussy.

Get ready as I will assign to you domestic chores. Don’t worry, your excitement will continue to grow as you’re assigned to run my bath water, wash my hair, paint my fingernails, toenails and clean my red leather heels with your tongue. You will be restrained and teased by the erotic sound of my voice.

So relax for now as I sensually dominate you. You will be dropped hard into subspace, but remember if you do cum without permission I will have something waiting for you. This should make you want to fight harder and try to maintain yourself more because in the end you lose….and I win. You will again fall into submission. Because the sense of surrender is so very powerful and mind blowing. Can you handle it? I’m sure you can. Because your pleasure is about to begin.


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